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YU-NO – Voice Files

YU-NO Voice Files download: DA-1click: Voice Patch Download SelectShow YuNoVoices.rar – 625.7 MB DA-free: Voice Patch Download SelectShow YuNoVoices.part1.rar – 199.3 MB YuNoVoices.part2.rar – 199.3 MB YuNoVoices.part3.rar – 199.3 MB YuNoVoices.part4.rar – 46.4 MB Download YU-NO English game Extract voice files into your ClassicsYUNO folder. Start the game with AI5ENG_VOICE.exe.

Kara no Shoujo – Voice Patch

This patch imports Japanese voices to English version of Kara no Shoujo game. DA-1click: Voice Patch Download SelectShow KaraNoShoujoVoicePatch.rar – 222.7 MB DA-free: Voice Patch Download SelectShow KaraNoShoujoVoicePatch.part1.rar – 199.3 MB KaraNoShoujoVoicePatch.part2.rar – 23.4 MB Installation: Put patch file in main game directory.

Deus Machina Demonbane – Voice Patch

This patch imports PS2 voices to PC version of the game. Download DA-1click: Game Download SelectShow DemonbaneVoicePatch.rar – 670.7 MB DA-free: Game Download SelectShow DemonbaneVoicePatch.part1.rar – 199.3 MB DemonbaneVoicePatch.part2.rar – 199.3 MB DemonbaneVoicePatch.part3.rar – 199.3 MB DemonbaneVoicePatch.part4.rar – 72.7 MB Installation Extract archive contents to main game directory.

Koihime Musou Voice Patch

The following patch will add voices in English version of the game. Download Koihime Musou Voice Files: (files SoundPackSEVo and SoundPackSEVo.lst contain voice data and are needed for patch to work) DA-1click: Voice files Download SelectShow KoihimeVoices.rar – 1.7 GB DA-free: Voice files Download SelectShow KoihimeVoices.part01.rar – 199.3 MB KoihimeVoices.part02.rar – 199.3 MB KoihimeVoices.part03.rar – […]

Higurashi tweaks

Hide ugly UI higurashi-noframe.rar – 615 B Extract these files to your higurashiwhentheycry folder. Be sure to set the right-click function to show menu instead of hide frame. Font hack higurashi-fonthack.rar – 58 KB This patch replaces ugly game font with nicer looking one. Music patches HigurashiMusicPatchFull.rar – 73.0 MB HigurashiMusicPatchDemo.rar – 25.5 MB Mangagamers’ […]

Utawarerumono voice patch

With this patch Utawarerumono will use Japanese voices from PS2 version on PC. DA: Patch Download SelectShow – 56 KB DA-1click: UTSOUND.SFS Download SelectShow UtawarerumonoVoices.rar – 989.9 MB This file contains voices ripped from PS2 version of game. It is needed for voice patch to work. DA-free: UTSOUND.SFS Download SelectShow UtawarerumonoVoices.part1.rar – 199.3 MB […]

Family Project – uncensor patch

English version, released by JAST USA contains several “censored” ( clothes added with photoshop for several CGs) images of Matsuri, the youngest girl. The following patch removes this censorship: FPpatchv3S.exe – 3.6 MB

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