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Immoral Ward : Installation Guide

This is a guide to install Immoral Ward and all the bonus shipped with the game. Reading and following this will insure the game runs properly. If you experience any issues with the application, be sure to double check your installation process. A poorly installed game is a major source of problems and the vast […]

Dra+Koi installation and problems

for starter’s.. i wont be technically in charge of the thread but i’ll just do it since its a request for now.. i’ll make an installation guide based on the current release in ED&EG 1) download both game and patch..but take note because this game is actually a bundle pack that contain 3 separate games […]

Forest – Installation/Error troubleshooting

Forest Install 1

This guide will show you how to install English version of Forest. 1. Download Forest Game and English Patch. 2. Change locale to Japanese. 3. Right-click on first part and select “Extract Here” 4. You’ll get new folder with 6 files. Mount Forest Disc1.ccd. 5. When the setup starts just click “Next”. 6. Now you’re […]

Little Busters! – Installation/Error troubleshooting

Little Busters install 1

1. Download “Little Busters!” Game 2. Change locale to Japanese (XPVista7) 2. Right click on first part and choose “Extract” 4. Once extracting process finishes, you’ll be presented with new folder, containing two files: LB.iso and LB.mds . Mount the LB.mds 5. Open your virtual drive and run “Autorun_rlsmm.exe” 6. In autorun menu, click button […]

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