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Tick! Tack! – Walkthrough

Nerine Day 1: Nerine’s Room Nerine’s Room Day 2: Itsuki’s Room Outside -> Lake Day 3: Hallway Dining Hall Tell Sage Day 4: Hallway Get closer and check Hallway Try to sleep Day 5: Outside -> Lake Dining Hall Why not do it for Forbesii-san? Recommend her lap pillow Day 6: Nerine’s Room Spare Room […]

Slave Witch April Walkthrough

100% CG guide: -Right scene- -Left scene- -Bottom scene- Huh, you swing that way? I’m just taking my time. That’s yet to come! *Save1* -Left scene- *Save2* -Left scene- -Left scene- Express your graditude. -Right scene- -Left scene- *END3* *Load1* -Right scene- -Bottom scene- Express your graditude. -Bottom scene- -Bottom scene- *END1* *Load1* -Bottom scene- […]

Rewrite Walkthrough

Like most VNs, the routes are actually quite easy to get and you shouldn’t really need any help. Just pick all the choices that involve being nice to or spending time with the target heroine, and that’s it. In particular, always follow them whenever they go somewhere if given the choice (no matter how stalker-y […]

Otoboku: Maidens Are Falling for Me Walkthrough

Mariya- Chapter 1: Support her From Behind Yes, i am. Pass the Ball I thought it might be fun. Chapter 2: So, what can i control? Let her sleep here Let’s not. Jogging Track? Find Mariya Interlude Peppermint: ……….. *Save 1* .Chapter 3: Spin the wheel carefully Invite her to lunch Tell her what I […]

Moero Downhill Night Blaze Walkthrough

Rinka: 1) I can´t forget Rinka 2) Take her Home Komachi: 1)I can´t forget Rinka 2)find somewhere to stay Reiko: 1)Accept Reiko´s offer Asagiri: 1)Accept Asagiri´s offer Kei: 1)Accept Kei´s offer Cum inside or outside options for different CG´s.

Sexy Demon Transformation! – Walkthrough

Whenever you go home you might need to pick a monster for a scene. Look below to find the name of the monster that corresponds to location it will appear in the box. Satori Gaki Ghost Murasame Amanojaku Nurikabe Nukekubi Baku Common Route: Shrine Home � *Pick Nurikabe * School *Pick Nurikabe and Gaki* Yukihi�s […]

School Days Walkthrough

Among twenty-one possible endings, fifteen are good endings with only one girl, three are bad endings that involve one of the main characters getting killed, two are “harem” endings, and one is a variation (a post-fin episode to other endings). Although there are only three bad endings in this game, they are so shocking and […]

Hoshizora no Memoria Walkthrough

Only Asuho, Isuzu and Komomo’s routes are open during the first playthrough. Requirements to unlock the others’ routes are as follow: -Finish Komomo‘s route to unlock Kosame‘s -Finish Isuzu‘s route to unlock Chinami‘s -Finish Asuho, Isuzu, Komomo, Kosame and Chinami‘s routes to unlock the Mysterious Girl‘s route. -You must complete all the routes to unlock […]

Magical Teacher Walkthrough

There�s only one ending, so this will be a Walkthrough to collect all scenes and CGs. Note 1: Every time you get an option to come inside/outside in mouth/in face this don�t influence anything, so save, choose one, get the CG and then load and choose the other. Note 2: Everytime the Walkthrough tells you […]

Conquering the Queen – Walkthrough

There are only four times you’ll have to make a choice, and thus get one of the four possible endings [Save] indicates where you should make a Save Game, if you want to switch to another route later. Harem Ending (King of Katusha, Orgy) [Save1]Chapter 3 – Accept the Challenge [Save2]Chapter 20 – Pull out […]

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