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Bible Black 2 – Walkthrough

Ending 1: Demon of Lust The students gather in an orgy on the night of the Sabbath. But the coven is leaderless, and Ms Takashiro is overpowered. Lie to her (Scene 2: Blowjob with Itou) (Scene 3: Imari ensorcelled) In order to avoid danger, take Imari with you NO NO NO NO Gym Gym (Scene […]

A Profile – Walkthrough

A Profile game download To get all CG, choices with * infront should save and load after each choice Rizu Ask Miku Answer save 2 Answer Rizu’s Feeling’s *Either *Either Rizu True End Load 2 We’re Siblings Rizu End Miku Load 1 Miou’s Fine Save 3 I want to know Ask about the sickness Ask […]

Katahane – Walkthrough

Wakaba “Do you want to go get the milk together?” “The White Kingdom… it’d be research about dolls, right?” “…About the future?” Another Character View: Wakaba (by not altering characters) Another Character View: Wakaba (by not altering characters) “…It’s Wakaba. I’m sure she can do it.” “…I’ll be counting on you when the time comes, […]

Kara no Shoujo – Walkthrough

Signs: ▲ = Date ◆ = Interactive element ★ = Non-essential choice as the other option is also available by replaying the eroscene via the Gallery’s scene recollection option and neither choices bear any consequence at all in later events. First playthrough ▲March 5 ◆Investigation part  Within the cemetery x2  Inside the hole x2 ◆Evidence […]

ef – a fairy tale of the two – Walkthrough

ef – a fairy tale of the two English game download -=GOOD END=- 01. Follow Miyamura save – 1 02. Just go home 03. Go out and see Miyako 04. Find out what’s happening 05. Stand by Miyako save – 2 06. I want to film her after all 07. Don’t kiss her save – […]

My girlfriend is the President – Walkthrough

Yukino 1. I want to let my friend borrow the disk… 2. Small bottomed girl 3. Unforgivable. I’ll dispose of it! 4. The Indian to the right Putina 1. I want to let my friend borrow the disk… 2. Small bottomed girl 3. It’s the same as usual. Leave it be. 4. Delicious, delicious, it’s […]

Soul Link – walkthrough

Soul Link English game download Common Path/Nao Morisaki Chapter 1 save – 1 01. Nao, will you come too? 02. I’ll search the Sheratan 03. Guest Room 04. Passage with a Window 05. First-Aid Station 06. Laboratory 07. Lounge 08. Another Place save – 2 09. Go find Nao first 10. I guess 11. Find […]

Family Project – walkthrough

Common Route: Control Myself Save Take care of it by myself. [Choose ‘Have her comfort me’ for HCGs] Go after her Do not fantasize about it Try him out Help her out Try to fool her a bit Treasure this moment Say I am home We’ll have to take care of her Believe in me […]

CROSS CHANNEL – walkthrough

Cross Channel English game download Week 1 Go to the Roof Knock her down Grab her chest Help out Talk to her Dress her wounds Play it safe Staff credits Go to the roof Look at her panties Flip her skirt Go to the roof Help out Go to club Dress her wounds Approach her […]

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