Kara no Shoujo 2

Kara no Shoujo 2 eroge hentai pc games free download

Prewar-era Japan.

Deep in the snowy mountains of northwestern Japan, there exists a settlement called Hitogata, the Village of Dolls. On the night of the festival honoring the clay idol Hinna-sama, a girl is murdered.

The villagers all blame Hinna-sama’s curse. One outside the faith has joined in the festival of Hinna-sama, and brought the painful death of the curse down upon themself.

October, 1957.

Two years have passed since Kuchiki Touko’s abduction from her hospital room.

Tokisaka Reiji’s younger sister saves a man who had tried to commit suicide.

He, too, is the most recent victim of “Hinna-sama’s curse”——

Tokisaka Reiji begins his investigation, clinging desperately to the hope that Touko can be saved——

And at the same time, a strange religious group said to have dissolved six years ago begins to move again, to put a certain plan into motion——

The curse will be carried out, whether by the gods or by human hands.

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