The story takes place in a world with 3 kingdoms, the Red, White, and Blue Kingdom. In this world, they have highly-advanced dolls with some closely resembling humans. These dolls occasionally need maintainence which done by a “tuner”.

A young playwright named Wakaba writes a controversial play about a traitor named Ein who killed a ruler of the White Kingdom, Christina. In Wakaba’s play, she presumes that Ein did not betray Christina, but was actually her loyal supporter.

When Wakaba’s history major friend needs to make a trip to get Coco, a genki doll that lives with Wakaba, maintainence, Wakaba and her brother Light travel with him. Wakaba travels in the hopes of finding some actors for her play. Along the way, they meet a beautiful doll with one wing named Belle and an aspiring actress named Angelina.

Katahane Installation:

1. Download the game (mirrors are interchangeable)

2. Download and install 1.10 japanese patch

3. Download your choice of english patch version. Run installer.exe and follow instructions.

(You might need to run english patcher as administrator on some systems)

4. Start the game with katahane.exe (not the original カタハネ.exe or shortcut on desktop)

5. Select “File” and “Font Config” in-game, and change the font to “S2GP月フォント” to fix wordwrapping. title=

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