The unceasing Rain──

The 『sealed city』,

abandoned 30 years ago after a sudden biochemical warhead strike.

The uninhabited ruins,

ruled over only by autonomous battle drones.

The man came to this place,

finding shelter inside a tall building as he grew exhausted,

and there he came across

a planetarium,

a room that once filled the hearts of men

with the wonders of all the stars in all the sky.

And there, he met a young woman

whose name was 「Reverie」.

A member of the planetarium’s help staff

who had continued to wait for customers for over 30 years;

a broken robot──

Entreated by 「Reverie」,

he lost track of time as he repaired

the nonfunctional planetarium projector.

The continuous Rain.

Those quiet days spent with 「Reverie」.

A long-lost nostalgia that began to arise in the man’s heart.

What will he think about this sky of manmade stars?

And what is the fate of this 「Reverie」 of a little planet?


Planetarian – Voice Patch

Planetarian – CG

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